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Sex chats no sign up no money

Sometimes he’ll say I don’t initiate and that’s only because every time I do I get turned down so why would I keep trying?

So far it’s been once a month or once every two months and I don’t know what to do.

Since the last time, I don’t want to really have sex much any more and we havent. I waited 2 years and 6 months for my hubby to feel his game and he still don’t want sex but still taking his time finding out why he won’t have it with me .. About 4 months ago we had an argument and he told me that he needed privacy (me too yet u have seen a human exit my body) so he took it upon himself to lock me out of his phone, emails etc. He stays in his room and on his phone all the time. He’s a loving and caring man and treats me like a princess.

It could be gf how missed up and bf don’t know how to deal with you. She be living on streets and personally it isn’t easy with that thought. But recently, he’s been making comments while in the middle of foreplay like “this is awkward” ” we really need to stop meeting like this” when I ask what he means or what’s going on in his head, I get I don’t know as my answer. wake me up yet he refuses and says that he just wants alone time so he can do what he wants (watching porn). The only difference my bf quit his job and the second one too. But he says he wants the relationship and he does love me. And I tried hard to make him back to me,,,,now we are together but still I dont feel secure So I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a year and 7months now.

It’s a weird thing, but I’ve been in a loving relationship when my work started falling apart and I didn’t want anything to do with sex in the relationship. He gives me many things that nobody has given me so far, but the weird and unbelievable thing for me it is he can be in bed with me and I can be almost naked or wearing nice clothes and he is not horny at all and I think I can put my boobs or my ass in front of him that he doesn’t react!

I’m always the one to initiate it and he usually gives me excuses, saying he’s tired or stressed and whatnot. So, it has been like that for a while, and I do not what to do.

What I really wanted was to land back on my feet and start conquering the world again. The thing is I usually get angry when I am horny and I try to turn him up and I feel like an idiot because I do know how to do it or what to do.

Writing about this is a little weird for me because it’s really personal (and I am a private person in general), but I think it’s worthwhile for people to be frank about this sort of thing. Bla bla but to people around us they laugh or whatever. I have never had this problem before because I am quite hot and I like being dirty in bed but I dont know what happen to us, i think we are not coordinate in bed.

Moreover, sexuality in relationships is a complex thing. Plus she just found out she have cancer and going through things. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years already.

I mean, to be blunt, guys have a whole spectrum of things they like that get them turned on. When a guy starts to really love a girl, his Hi im Lola i been with my boyfriend 4 months now he doesn’t seem to think sex is a drive in a relationship he feels as if everything else is what really matters and i agree but im a higher sex drive person and in my past relationships thats basically what i had sex not much more with him I have everything else but very little sex before me he was 3 years without sex and he claims sex is really not somenthing he must have a lot we have sex like 2 times a week in I wrong in wanting more sex? I’m tired of my girlfriend drinking habits that I just stop. She complained a few times and I kept reminding her as to why. Everything started in a random way because we used to work together in the same hotel, he in the kitchen and me in the restaurant.


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