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Six other parks were also listed online as places to men to meet for sex.

Scott Vanwagoner said he goes to Jaycee Park in Cape Coral with his five-year-old daughter every Thursday. They're joined by folks fishing, taking in the fresh air, and walking their dogs.

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The sooner that you retain our criminal defense law firm, the sooner that we can seek to help you overcome the charges and get your life back.In 2014, Cape Coral Police arrested two men soliciting sex on the boardwalk.Bunche Beach preserve was also listed as a hook up spot with three out of five stars.A Four in Your Corner investigation revealed the park is listed online as a hookup spot for men looking for sex.The site gave the park four stars and told visitors to back in the parking lot and make eye contact with a man to signal you're there for some action.Your friends and family may have abandoned you, but we will not. Having sexual contact with an under-aged minor does not automatically make you a pedophile.This charge can arise in the context of two love struck high school kids going to far in petting.Dana Coston of Cape Coral Police said their "Vice, Intelligence, and Narcotics Unit monitors this type of activity and conducts periodic operations to apprehend criminal offenders and curtail criminal activity."Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg reached out to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, but it was later in the work day and we have not heard back yet.If you have been accused of a crime, no matter how seemingly minor the charge is, you do not need to face the situation on your own. The information they have on you is the information that the police will have written up in their report, along with any evidence against you. Moorey, we understand how damaging a criminal record can be, which is why our legal practice includes representing clients in sealing criminal records or in obtaining an expungement of a criminal record.Many allegations of date rape occur when a consenting partner has second thoughts and a case of guilt the next day.A man may find himself dragged out of his house, arrested and jailed without bond based solely on the false accusation of a former sexual partner.


  1. Apr 16, 2018. Minnesota grandma sought in deaths of husband, Florida 'lookalike' killed for ID. Lois Ann Riess, 56, is shown on surveillance video in a Fort Myers. Race White / Sex Female. Hair Blonde / Height 5'5” / Weight 160. May be using the alias of Pamela Hutchinson, a white female with a date of birth of.

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  5. Apr 28, 2016. Seven southwest Florida parks are listed online as hot spots for men to. the park is listed online as a hookup spot for men looking for sex.

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