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But if you want more ‘extra services’ then it’s almost impossible to find a good massage with bj or boom boom (full service).Trust me I have put in the time, effort, and money looking.You can find the info about specific locations on sexpat forums if you search the massage threads. I just remember that none of them came in at under 0.They do sound like a great experience though, and you can get a two girl or even three girl massage…… Considering I have a buddy who lives in Chiang Mai and goes for a weekly massage that ends with the therapist getting naked, rubbing her body all over him, and giving him a great bj for then spending 0 in Manila is terrible value.

problem is after about a minute or two of the interesting Lingam technique they just start yanking on it like a normal hj.One good spot is Air Force One KTV which is 1200 pesos for the room and massage, then 1500 pesos for the sex. Find that in the Flight 168 Spa inside Air Force One. My Sexpedition blog did a good post on happy ending massages in Manila.There is another option for 800 pesos which is a Lingam massage. It was worth trying one time but I haven’t gone back.Massages in the Philippines are easy to find for give or take a few bucks.Even with a 100 peso tip you are still paying 10% of what you might pay in the Western world.They put a bunch of cute girls out there knowing suckers (like me) will pay to get a cute girl in their room for 300 pesos.Especially after looking at below average looking bar girls all night that cost 2kish to barfine. As much as I would love to tell you that there is a good option for sex massage in Angeles, there just isn’t.Not only is the extra service they offer weak, but the massages are just terrible.Of the 4 or 5 girls I tried only 1 would get a D grade, the rest were all Fs.This time I didn’t even keep my boxers on and laid down completely naked.When the therapist moved the towel I could see the shock in her eyes (she snuck a peek hehehe.) She told me no extras would be available, and at the end when I asked and offered a tip she declined.


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