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Importantly, viewers learned that "It's OK to be single in your 30s and 40s and its OK to initiate a relationship and/or sex," she tells Web MD.Thanks to Sex and the City, we know that "sex toys are OK and fun and are not taboo," she says.

But it did get people talking about vulvodynia, experts agree. Fetishes, swinging, homosexuality, and anal sex -- you name it, and the show covered it in some fashion over the past six seasons, and for sure they spiced up water cooler conversation on Monday mornings."Sex and the City is a terrific lightning rod that way," says the kind of show that doesn’t usually make it to television, even in Israel."On the show, it's done with such humor that it becomes acceptable." In one episode, one friend introduces another to the Rabbit Pearl vibrator, and another episode involves one of the leading ladies using handcuffs on her bed partner."Right now, the show is teaching women to go and get a mammogram, and that's fantastic," Cadell says, referring to the current storyline in which the promiscuous Samantha Jones (played by Kim Catrall) is diagnosed with breast cancer after consulting with a plastic surgeon about breast implants.As the series draws to a close, Charlotte is still trying to conceive even after a devastating miscarriage at the close of season five."The Charlotte character was great to have because on the outside, she looked perfect from her job at an art gallery, a Park Avenue apartment, and a gorgeous doctor husband, but she has her own issues -- he is impotent and she infertile," Saltz says.Sex and the City covered "all issues that people face every day when they are dating and in relationships; it educated and entertained us and made it more acceptable for us to talk about these issues," says Los Angeles-based clinical sexologist Ava Cadell, author of several books, including 12 Steps to Everlasting Love.From masturbation and sex toys to performance anxiety and infertility, "the show crossed certain boundaries where female sexuality is concerned," says Cadell, who counts herself among the millions of avid Sex and the City fans.The final episode of HBO's breakthrough series aired on Feb.22, and leading "sexperts" and women's health experts have a lot to say on the escapades -- and sexcapades -- of the four female friends who starred in the show.


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  2. Apr 12, 2014. In “Shortcomings” Season 2, he appears as writer Vaughn Wysel, a fiction writer Carrie dates and. Geri Halliwell-Sex In The City-Cameo.

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