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Human trafficking is growing problem both nationally and around the world.

Since 2007, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline has received reports of 14,588 sex trafficking cases inside the United States.

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Instead of trying to lure back his wife, Levy started acting out some of the fantasy scenarios he shared online by sleeping with at least one of his online buddies, a Tampa paralegal.

The physical relationship, which was consumated in Democrat geologist Levy’s fancy RV in a St. But the woman, whose name we have decided not to reveal because of the subject matter, has popped up in the middle of Levy’s reelection battle against private investigator and political novice Carl Woods.

Levy appears to have kept it clean, but here is his profile in Is that site the right place for an elected official AND HIS PICTURE? “I didn’t complete my profile after I figured out what it was.

And I’m taking it down now.” As for the March 15 election, Levy knows he might pay for his indiscretions and embarrassing the city of Palm Beach Gardens, but he hopes voters will remember his long-term tenure as councilman, former mayor and unsuccessful Palm Beach County commission candidate.

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But thanks to the power of big data analytics, law enforcement has new tools to build criminal cases against the traffickers themselves.

In many cases, women or girls are lured from their home country to Europe or the US with the promise of good jobs, only to be trapped into sex slavery, such as the 17 Thai human trafficking victims freed from a Minneapolis brothel earlier this week.

One person who’s dedicated a big chunk of his life to ending human slavery is Eric Schles.

“I would love it if you bent me over and fucked me until I screamed your name,” the woman texted Levy. Writer: “I’ve had thought of you having me in a dimly lit room, my legs in your shoulders and you pounding me hard.” Levy: “That sounds wonderful.

Deep in you.” Of all the websites that Levy used to meet women, none is as problematic as .


  1. Feb 16, 2016. EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach Gardens Vice Mayor David Levy Busted on Sleazy Sex Websites Texted Sexual Fantasies to Strange Women.

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