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I hope you will make your sexually-active adult children (or teens) read this article.

I hope that anyone who reads this article realizes that every sexual partner matters and that even if the “other person” goes away, the other person will leave a lasting biological mark on both you and your partner.The wife will be dumbfounded and asks her gynecologist how this happened. A couple, who were very much in love, were laying naked in bed together, barely covered by tousled sheets, gazing into each other’s eyes. All of a sudden, more people appeared on each side of this couple, laying in bed next to them and spooning towards the primary couple.The gynecologist will ask her about her sexual partners in the past several years. This couple had that “post-coital” glow and looked as if they were the only two people in the world. They were separated from life’s cares—in an emotional Garden of Eden their own—laying in bed and having a profound, bonding moment. Nothing is better than that and I am sure we can all look back fondly at being young and in love. The camera kept panning and showing even more people in bed. My articles generally favor reconciliation and center around reconciliation topics.This article is different because the topic I will address has nothing to do with reconciliation or divorce.Imagine this: one day that man’s wife goes in for a pap smear and expects it to be normal.She gets a concerned call from her gynecologist because the pap smear indicates cancer. Depending on which type of stage 2 cancer she has, the doctor will recommend immediate surgery with a “radical hysterectomy” and removal of lymph nodes in and around that area.This article will destroy the notion that ignorance is bliss.This post is an exploration of how sex affects our betrayed spouse even if he or she does not find out.On the other hand, sexuality used to harm another, such as in the case of rape, only gives birth to trauma.Affair sex is the deepest blow that a marriage or monogamous couple can experience.


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