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We planned six events, starting with another “Ask A Muslim” dialogue, and then expanding to new groups who had been portrayed negatively in the news as “others.” Five separate “Ask A …” events created space for “askers” to talk with Trump supporters, cops, transgender people, immigrants, and newcomers to Seattle.

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But if we can’t talk through our different perspectives, we can’t come to a consensus.When then-presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a complete shutdown of Muslim immigration in the U. in late 2015, I began to wonder how many people know Muslims as friends, neighbors and colleagues — and whether they have opportunities to talk with them outside of work and social situations that discourage conversations about religion or politics.As KUOW’s executive producer for community engagement, I realized that such one-to-one conversations should take place, and that our radio station could be a trusted convener.By 2017 the number of Americans with ideologically consistent values had increased and the political views of those from the left and right have moved sharply apart.The divisions transcend party affiliations of Democrats and Republicans.We also wanted to see if civil dialogues increased trust and empathy enough to address profound differences within a diverse population.We worked with researchers at the University of Washington — communications professor Valerie Manusov and doctoral candidate Danny Stofleth — to design a valid scientific survey of participants’ attitudes and understanding of the group they met at ”Ask A …” events.Early research by the University of Washington shows that our approach bridges cultural and political divides and increases trust and empathy.KUOW’s community engagement staff has done eight of these, starting in February 2016 with three dialogues called “Ask A Muslim.” Last year, we hosted conversations with five other groups, including Trump supporters, transgender people and cops.Comments on social media posts can degrade rapidly.We have few opportunities to exercise the skill of asking neutral questions, of listening without judging.


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  3. JUMP or Jack's Urban Meeting Place is a not-for-profit, interactive creative center and community gathering place in the heart of downtown Boise.

  4. Jul 17, 2012. 33, organizes “Weed Dating”, an unconventional form of speed dating. opened up her farm in northwest Boise, Idaho for one night a year to.

  5. Post-run festivities may include loud music, drinking, speed dating, bar. and hold harmless Active Idaho, LLC d/b/a FLEET FEET SPORTS Meridian their.

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