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Stop being intimidating

And, unless you do something about it, it’s always there at the back of your mind, a constant worry.

It can be as nerve-wracking as a job interview, or even speaking in public.

You’ll find a vulnerable human being, struggling in life, just like you.

Being intimidated is a manifestation of feeling powerless. It’s a small word and one that you hear self-confident people use a lot. Sometimes speaking up can leave you totally tongue-tied as it is.

So, whenever you see a hot girl that you want to approach, remember the above points, be realistic and assume that she is not going to be all that interesting as a woman until and unless she proves otherwise and this will eliminate much of your fear of approaching her.

But here’s the problem: We almost always choose a comparison we can’t win.

If you have to play this game, try changing the rules: . If you feel intimidated because they have a more important sounding job than you, understand that You aren’t your job – and neither are they.

Remember however to step outside your comfort zone not your safety zone.

Like a yoga-newbie, stretch gently at first and soon you’ll amaze yourself at how far you can go.


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  2. Dec 20, 2015. Taking small steps can break the patterns of feeling intimidated for good. Be yourself, work on your self-confidence and stop underestimating.

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  4. Aug 24, 2015. In addition to being a world-renowned comedian, talk show host. I think it's time we stop thinking of the label “intimidating” as a bad thing.

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