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The localisation and dating of medieval icelandic manuscripts

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We also thank Erika Sigurdson and Andrew Wawn for their comments on the text and Véronique Favéro for her assistance with the translation of the abstract.

We have also endeavoured to help readers access the original text by setting our translation facing a normalised text of the earliest version of the saga. Notwithstanding the major contributions of recent scholars to understanding medieval Icelandic romance, there are still few detailed case-studies of individual sagas.

Einar’s text has had no direct influence on the present edition.

follows the usual method in her milestone edition of romance-sagas of providing a more or less diplomatic transcription of the earliest manuscript, abetted by readings from other early texts in the Arnamagnaean collection to fill lacunae, reinterpret incomprehensible sentences, or to record other divergences which she found noteworthy.

Loth filled the gap with AM 588m 4to, a seventeenth-century manuscript of unknown provenance which, to judge from comparison with the surviving parts of AM 556a 4to, is its closest (and probably only) surviving descendant.

She also referred to AM 123 8vo, from around 1600, again of unknown provenance, and the closely related and generally more innovative AM 167 fol., copied by Arnór Eyjólfsson in Flókastaðir, Rangárvallasýsla, around 1660.


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