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Twins dating twins and having babies

To notify the neighbors of a birth of a child, a woolen strip was hung over the front door to indicate a female baby and an olive branch to indicate a boy had been born. After a woman had a baby, she would show it to her husband.

If the husband accepted it, it would live, but if he refused it, it would die.

According to the myth, they were raised by wolves, and later founded the city of Rome.

Judaism prohibits infanticide, and has for some time, dating back to at least early Common Era.

Diodorus Siculus wrote that babies were roasted to death inside the burning pit of the god Baal Hamon, a bronze statue.

however, the exposure of newborns was widely practiced in ancient Greece, it was even advocated by Aristotle in the case of congenital deformity — "As to the exposure of children, let there be a law that no deformed child shall live.” Exposure was the preferred method of disposal, as that act in itself was not considered to be murder; moreover, the exposed child technically had a chance of being rescued by the gods or any passersby.

In his highly influential Pre-historic Times, John Lubbock described burnt bones indicating the practice of child sacrifice in pagan Britain.

The last canto, Marjatan poika (Son of Marjatta), of Finnish national epic Kalevala describes an assumed infanticide.

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According to mythology, Romulus and Remus, twin infant sons of the war god Mars, survived near-infanticide after being tossed into the Tiber River.

Anthropologist Laila Williamson notes that "Infanticide has been practiced on every continent and by people on every level of cultural complexity, from hunter gatherers to high civilizations, including our own ancestors.

Rather than being an exception, then, it has been the rule." while in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and in the Inca Empire it was carried out by sacrifice (see below).

In his book Germania, Tacitus wrote that the ancient Germanic tribes enforced a similar prohibition.

He found such mores remarkable and commented: "[The Germani] hold it shameful to kill any unwanted child." Modern scholarship differs.


  1. Infanticide or infant homicide is the intentional killing of infants. Parental infanticide researchers have found that mothers are far more likely than fathers to be the perpetrator for neonaticide and slightly more likely to commit infanticide in general.

  2. Breastfeeding twins or more. It's important not to be put off breastfeeding because you're having more than one baby. Breastfeeding is a great way to soothe your babies and helps you build a strong bond with them.

  3. The Polar Opposite Twins trope as used in popular culture. A Sub Trope of the Odd Couple wherein the odd couple are twins, usually identical brothers or

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