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Updating linux lenny

So the whole set of commands to upgrade the distribution is: After that upgrade should finish.But be warned – after switching from lenny to squeeze I’ve experienced some problems like kernel not booting (I run previous version and regenerated initrd – it, or something else, helped), problems with Virtual Box guest additions (had to install kernel sources for guest additions to build themselves, then reinstalled virtualbox-ose-dkms package, and then reinstalled guest additions from the CD image attached to Virtual Box).

However, when you run into some issues during or after the upgrade, you will not be able revert back!

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You can fix it if you want by replacing SYSFS with ATTR in /etc/udev/rules.d/* files, but other similar warnings will appear.

You can also run script, if you chose to chainload new grub from the old one during the upgrade.


  1. Mar 26, 2010. Few days ago I wanted to create VirtualBox image of Debian Squeeze current testing release. I already had Debian Lenny stable image.

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