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Vb net assembly version not updating Omegle xxx chat

When I do this I get the version number I entered when I use My.

To String is still (real or more) Application tab -Assembly Information button?

Common requirement when creating a build for your .

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Also we’d like to have a flexibility to define what build configuration to use (debug, release, etc).

-- Mike Mike Mc Intyre [MVP] all Problem is, that My.

When distributing a library you often run up against versioning problems, once facet of which is simply determining which version of that library your client is running.

Of course, each project in your solution has an Assembly file which provides, among other things, the ability to set the Assembly name and version number.

Unfortunately, setting the assembly version here would require not only changing the version manually for each build (depending on your schedule), but keeping it in sync across all projects.


  1. Version number of application I'm using vb 08. I. VB. NET, Set Version Number, Updating. not the file version. Modifying the assembly version can hurt.

  2. Hi i just update an old webapp and now i have this error Error 10 Type 'Security. MembershipUser' in assembly 'System. Web, Version=, Culture=neutral.

  3. Simple MSBuild Configuration Updating Assemblies With A. setting the assembly version here would require not only changing the. projects and the page.

  4. Setting Assembly Attributes. 03/30. any assembly that does not have the culture. attribute is not applied to an assembly, the version number specified by the.

  5. MSBuild Override Assembly Version. meaning it supports C# and projects simultaneously. -- Target Name. because MSBuild does not have regex.

  6. I'm deliberately not changing the assembly version given I strong name all. of writing to handle updating the version of. attributes in VB.net.

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