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Most of the people who had a good experience traveled in luxury, while those who didn’t were backpackers and budget travelers.

It’s a curious thing to think about and reinforces a story I once heard.

If you do not use the express service, the MFA will require 3 days to process your documents.

If you do not have 10 days left of permission to remain in the country, then you need to go to immigration and get a Visa extension before you can start the marriage process.

When I initially wrote this post it was possible to do everything in one day, but now, because of changes to the express service at the MFA, the process will take a minimum of 2 days. If you do not use the express service, you should plan for 4-5 days to get the entire marriage process completed.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) offers the express service if you submit your documents before am. There is a new rule that requires you to have at least 10 days left on your 30-day entry stamp, or tourist Visa.

And if you don’t go because of this article, I’ll find you and drag you there myself!

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Well, there’s one common difference between the travelers who have liked it and those who have hated it.

And the reason for that is one of my most-asked questions. The simple answer is that no one ever wants to return to a place where they felt they were treated poorly.

People email me several times a week asking why, in this post about myself, I single Vietnam out as being my least favorite country. When I was in Vietnam, I was constantly hassled, overcharged, ripped off, and treated badly by the locals.

I wasn’t born yesterday and knew I was being blatantly ripped off.

She was cheating me right to my face.“She’s telling her friends she’s going to overcharge and rip you off because you’re white,” said a Vietnamese-American who was also on my bus.


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