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This bug basically makes Franz unusable on Ubuntu, while on Windows everything works fine for me.

Hi and welcome to Wo Tstats.org, a World of Tanks Statistics Tracker.

Edit: When reloading franz with ctrl shift r it also doesn't render anymore. It doesn't matter what service, if any of the services is redirecting me to another page it's white screen. Here I attach screenshots: It should be some rendering bug.

wotlabs not updating-21wotlabs not updating-79

Had same issue even in version 4, but mostly for Skype. Using latest ubuntu with franz 5.0.0-beta14, have integrated video card with intel processor.

But I can notice there is something loaded, because the cursor changes depending on where it is on the page. (I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 64bits) @adlk yes this happens on every redirect.

Like @bobwinibago said, the page is loaded on the background. Like @bobwinibago said, the page is loaded on the background.

@weierophinney , is your workstation running an Open Source driver, an ATI video card, an integrated video card?

Is your laptop using a proprietary driver, maybe n Vidia or Intel?


  1. Feb 19, 2015. It's not a guide for TOTAL newbies, you are expected to understand at least. I do keep a mental note of good players and good clans e.g. the top 10 listed on WoTLabs. Quick update – so we were both right and wrong.

  2. The modular plugin allows your visitors to find the right topic, the right user or something else in no time at all. The search does not require reloading the page.

  3. WotLabs not update? - posted in Newcomers Forum So I seen tanks with day 1 stats, as you can see mine are stuck at day 30 someplace. When i.

  4. Nov 9, 2017. @jancoow jancoow changed the title from Services not loading/white screem to Services not. Facebook messenger works unless I refresh.

  5. No. Recent WN9 scores of 1000+ battles are much better indicators of. High-volume services such as XVM may update account and tank WN9 values infrequently. See the threads in the Mathematics Corner section of the WoTLabs forum.

  6. Descarga WoTLabs Mobile apk 4.2 y todas las versiones anteriores para android. phone screen sizes, may still overflow on smaller screens when phone not tilted. Biggest reason for update is to remove Read Phone State.

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