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From avoiding funny chat up lines to first date tips, get more dating advice from Match.

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I let Howard chew on that while I went to the bathroom.Telling someone how you feel about them is never easy, so even though this is vague, you get props for trying.However if you genuinely like someone, there will be a whole host of specific things you really like and sharing these will show your date you’ve really thought about it.Tip: If you think your date might be weirded out that you’re looking at their Linked In profile, make sure you’re logged out when you view them, or in an incognito window. This one is a little harder, as we often don’t put our full names as our Instagram handles, but a little creative Googling such as [your date’s name] [Instagram] will often find your date’s account if they have a picture of themselves for you to match up. Taking a look at your date’s Instagram often gives an interesting insight into your date’s more creative side, as people tend to post more artistic shots. Tweets are usually a combination of very lighthearted things the person you’re dating finds amusing, but often also include more serious news and reactions things like political events.Having a peek might give you an insight into what your date likes to read, opinions they hold or their favourite movie mashups.When you’re complimenting someone physically, don’t go for a tired old generic flattering remark.Learn the best ways to approach women from our expert tips and advice, become a Match Hero and earn your Match Badge!Keep an eye out for anything unique or exciting you could use on a future date.Tip: If their profile looks especially bare on the details, check out our article on Serious Dating vs Casual Dating to find out why that might be.Conversation and witty repartee flowed freely -- until Howard made a few unintentional missteps, namely talking about other women he’s dated and going off on a lengthy tangent about his experiences with speed dating and Howard told me the average number of times he’s gone out with women from speed dating (3-4) and his theory that makes it difficult for people to truly connect. Because, he said, it’s so easy to go home right after a great date, and logon to the “panoply” of other available women so that your date becomes a “distant memory.”I told him if a date was so easily forgettable, then there wasn’t real chemistry in the first place.


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